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海湾合作委员会不以年龄为基础进行歧视, 比赛, color, 宗教, 信条, 国家的起源, 性, 婚姻状况, 性偏好, 资深地位, 家庭暴力状况或教育项目中的残疾情况, 活动, 招生, 和就业.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 prohibits discrimination on the basis of a disability and mandates that 平等机会 and reasonable accommodations be provided to qualified individuals with disabilities.

Under the ADA any person with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of his/her major life functions is defined as disabled. Students with disabilities may not be segregated and are fully included in the institution’s existing programs and 活动.

GCC为残疾学生提供帮助, 协助与学生互动并与社区机构密切合作的教职员工. It is the student’s responsibility to identify his/her need for services and provide the appropriate documents.

学生提供的信息将被保密. 在学生同意的情况下,只有具体的建议才会发布给教员. 请注意,学院不提供个人辅助或服务员.


lol电竞菠菜(GCC)认识到确保每个人都可以访问我们的网站的重要性. 按照要求 美国残疾人法案(ADA), 我们将为已知的残疾人士的身体限制提供合理的便利.

GCC已将最佳设计实践纳入我们的网站(www).杰纳西.Edu),以便有身体和视觉障碍的人也能访问这些页面, 包括那些需要屏幕阅读器的人, 色盲和不会用鼠标的人. We are committed to making our content accessible to individuals with disabilities and are continually working to increase accessibility and usability.


GCC网站上的许多文件(www.杰纳西.edu)均为可携式文件格式(PDF). 为了获得查看这些文件的最佳体验, 请下载最新版本的adobeacrobatreader, 哪些是免费的 Adobe网站.


If you discover aspects of the site that may cause an accessibility problem or have any questions about ADA compliance, 请致电585-343-0055 x6219与ADA协调员联系,或发送电子邮件至 access@杰纳西.edu


If you are a student with a disability or are unsure if you have a disability and are curious about academic accommodation in the higher education environment, 那么这一页可能对你有帮助.


根据美国残疾人法案, 残疾是一种身体或精神上的损害,严重限制了一种或多种主要的生活活动. 与教育相关的主要生活活动包括但不限于步行, 睡觉, 吃, 学习, 阅读, 写作, 处理, 听力, 等.


Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires recipients of federal funding to afford individuals with disabilities 平等机会 to all services. In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) spelled out in greater detail the obligations not only of recipients of federal funds but also private businesses and public spaces.

In 2008, 在一系列法院判决削弱了国会对《lol电竞菠菜》的意图之后, 国会通过了修正案. The ADA Amendments Act reaffirms congress’s intention that the ADA applies to individuals with all types of disabilities including those suffering from long-term illnesses such as cancer or impairments to bodily systems and made clear that mitigating measures should not be taken into effect when determining whether an individual has a disability. The intent and effect of the amendments act was to significantly expand the number of people covered by the ADA.


An accommodation is an adjustment made to a policy and/or academic environment to ensure students with temporary or permanent disabilities have 平等机会 课程材料、信息、活动、项目、住房和其他校园设施.


Asking a student for more details regarding their disability is not permitted as the confidentiality of the student’s information must be maintained. It is an individual’s choice whether to disclose the nature of their disability to their faculty or to staff at the college.


A service animal is an animal that is trained to work or perform active tasks for an individual with a disability. 如果不清楚某只动物(狗和很少的迷你马)是否是服务性动物, anyone can ask following questions: (1) is the service animal required because of a disability and (2) what work or task the animal has been trained to perform? 如果你不确定这些问题是否得到了令人满意的回答, 允许人和动物继续, 并联系接入 & 校园住宿服务. 情感支持动物不是服务性动物.

访问 & 住宿服务 at 杰纳西社区学院 encourages students with services animals to register their animals with our office. This can be helpful if the student and service animal are separated for any reason and we need to facilitate reunification. 请浏览我们的 服务动物登记表格.

Do students in Special Education classes (IDEA) or those who have had a 504 plan in high school automatically receive the same accommodations and services they did in high school?

The laws governing mandated accommodations for students with disabilities are different at the post-secondary level (colleges and universities) than K-12. 因此,学生可能不会得到他们在高中时得到的住宿. 在某些情况下, 学生在高中得到的住宿可能是一样的, 但在大学水平上,其他的住宿条件可能并不合理和合适. This is why each student’s documentation is reviewed and accommodations are discussed through the interactive process.

有关k-12服务和高等教育服务之间差异的信息, 请参阅我们的文件 过渡到大学住宿.


与高中不同,大学环境要求学生作为独立的成年人行事. 如果学生提交给访问 & 住宿服务,当他们在校园遇到挑战, every effort will be made to assist the student in getting back on track within the parameters of our services. 然而,每日监测是不可用的.


年满18岁的学生在法律上被认为是成年人. 作为一个成年人,学生必须自我识别访问 & 住宿服务和请求住宿. 住宿申请只接受学生本人提出的,不接受家长提出的. 很多时候,家长要求参加访问的第一次预约 & 住宿服务. 如果得到学生的同意,这将非常有帮助. 如果学生希望在第一次会议后与家长分享信息,他们必须签署一份声明.


学生必须自我识别访问 & 住宿服务和住宿申请(这与一般招生过程分开). 第一步包括完成我们的 进气形式 要求和我们的一名员工见面. Students who are taking classes on the 杰纳西社区学院 campus will be asked to meet with an 访问 & 住宿办公室专业人员召开入学会议,讨论住宿流程. Students who are taking classes online only will need to communicate by phone or electronically with an 访问 & 住宿服务专业人员.

Students who require or would like our 进气形式 in a different format can contact our office by emailing us (access@杰纳西.edu)或致电585.343.0055 x6219. 我们很乐意以另一种格式提供我们的表格.

If I am receiving accommodations at another college or university will I automatically get the same accommodations at 杰纳西社区学院?

Each college/university may have different documentation guidelines and rules about what constitutes a reasonable accommodation. 转学到杰纳西社区学院后, 以前学校的信息是有帮助的,但它仍然是必要的 & 住宿办公室 Professionals to review your documentation and determine what is reasonable at our institution.

如果我通过访问使用住宿,我的成绩单上会有记录吗 & 住宿办公室?

No, there are no flags or identifying markers on students’ academic record if they utilize access services during their higher education experience. 进一步, 文件和残疾服务记录与其他学术记录分开保存.

我需要向访问提供什么样的文件 & 住宿办公室?

文档指南根据残疾的类型而有所不同. 我们将通过交互过程确定需要哪些文档(如果有的话). 请注意,您不应该因为担心没有正确的文件而推迟与我们的会议. Each consultant will discuss specific third-party documentation needs during the initial interactive process meeting and steps you can take after the meeting. 我们的首要任务是与您会面,而不是审阅您的文件.


访问办公室 & 住宿不包括辅导. 当学生需要辅导时,我们会将他们推荐到Genesee社区大学学习中心. 学生也可以在方便的时候通过学习中心获得辅导, 没有推荐. 所有GCC学生都可以免费获得专业和同行导师的辅导. 通过我们的学习中心提供的所有伟大的节目的更多信息, 请浏览 学习中心页面 或发邮件给学习中心 tutoring@杰纳西.edu.

如果我认为我有资格进入 & 这里是住宿服务处,接下来我该怎么做?

请填写我们的电子 入口通道 & 住宿服务 lol电竞菠菜的办公室申请初次预约(电子邮件: access@杰纳西.edu 电话:585.343.0055 x6219)


访问办公室 & 住宿

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